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 Mission & Reward System

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PostSubject: Mission & Reward System   Tue Jul 16, 2013 3:05 pm

Missions & Rewards

Important Note: Kage are not the only ones capable of giving out missions. Jounin can hand out missions up to Rank A [S under village stress or breach of protection] given the circumstances. Tokujou can hand out missions up to Rank B.

Remember, even if the mission was not assigned by the Kage or Village Leader, he/she must still give permission (through PM, etc. etc. whatever way the person can be contacted).

Naruto Wikia wrote:
In the organized society of the villages, ninja are given missions (任務, ninmu) depending on their rank. The missions are categorized in five ranks, based on the mission's possible danger or level of importance.

Depending on the importance and nature of the mission, as well as the regards of the village head, failure could result in variable consequences. While Shikamaru Nara failed to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha, the Fifth Hokage gave him words of comfort and support. On the other hand, when Sakumo Hatake botched a very important mission by choosing comrades over it, he was heavily dishonoured throughout his village and country. In Takigakure, failure of a mission brings very harsh consequences, as Kakuzu's failure to assassinate Hashirama Senju led to an unfair imprisonment despite the insurmountable danger involved. As such, certain villages put mission to a higher priority than others, as Sunagakure would choose accomplishing missions over the lives of their comrades, Iwagakure would follow orders even if it means death and Konohagakure's Shinobi Rules #4 states that "A shinobi must always put the mission first".

•  D-rank -
   Assigned to genin fresh from the Academy. They pose almost no risk to the ninja's life and usually consist of odd jobs like farming and babysitting work. The reward for a D-rank mission
is between five thousand and fifty thousand ryō.
•  C-rank -
   Assigned to more experienced genin or chūnin. They are missions anticipated to have some combat involved with the
possibility of injury to the shinobi performing it. Examples are
guarding people, background investigations, or capturing or suppressing wild animals. The reward for a C-rank mission is between thirty thousand and 100 thousand ryō.
•  B-rank -
   Assigned to experienced chūnin and tokujou. They are missions
anticipated to involve combat with other ninja. Examples are guarding people, espionage, or killing other ninja. The reward for a B-rank mission is between 150 thousand and 200 thousand ryō.
•  A-rank -
   Assigned to jōnin, concerning, among other things, village-or state-level matters and trends. Examples are guarding VIPs or suppressing ninja forces. The reward for an A-rank mission is between one hundred fifty thousand and a million ryō.
•  S-rank -
   Assigned to experienced jōnin and concern state-level confidential matters. Examples are assassinating VIPs, and transporting highly classified documents. The reward for an S-rank mission is more than a million ryō.
•  SS-rank -
Are extremely dangerous missions that usually guarantee death of at least a single person. These missions are usually parts of grand events that are occuring within the site and can not be given out on a day to day basis. The reward for an SS-rank mission is more than a million ryō.

Mission Experience Rewards

They can be found Here.

All NPC missions (E-C rank) give half the reward for completion (By yourself). All NPC missions that do not involve another PC player do not give out developmental tokens. You may round up

•  Post count may be split between participants equally, if it requires 8, 4 each must be made. If it requires 16, 8 each much be required. If its a uneven number, round UP

•  E-C rank missions can be NPC missions or PC missions. But for strictly NPC missions they require a post count.

•  C-B rank missions can be NPC missions but should generally include at least Two PC's. Post count required

•  A - Can not be NPC missions, there is no danger or hint of anything other than a longer post count. Thus only interacting PC missions can be A. (Inside the village is frowned upon, interaction outside the village with other nations, ninja and unique NPC's/rogues is encouraged)

•  S - Must include large dangerous missions, can not be NPC and must involved PC's of equal rank or higher. Must be approved by staff. Genin who take these missions will have the suspension of Unique NPC unable to kill removed. Staff approval required

•  SS - Plot and other staff generated missions or approvals missions. There will be a large chance of death/maiming and people who are foolish enough to attempt these at low levels (Genin/Chuunin) will have any stipulations of killing removed. People should be smart enough to know this, thus in these topic's/missions there will be a suspension upon NPC's unable to kill.Only Staff and Unique NPC participants are allowed to create these missions.

NOTE: For S/SS ranked missions, I mean Unique NPC's created by staff and/or played by jounins depending on approval. As I said, death may/can happen in these missions, so we want to be clear on that about genin's and chuunins who think they have immunity.

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PostSubject: Re: Mission & Reward System   Tue Jul 16, 2013 3:15 pm

Weekly Pay

Weekly pay is given to the upper tier Shinobi. As your rank increases, so does your responsibility. So, if you fulfill your responsibilities, you get paid for it. If you aren't fulfilling them, you won't get paid for it. Weekly pay updates have to be approved in the Character Updates thread or you do not receive them. Shinobi that fall under the weekly pay system are paid every Friday. When posting the pay update in your Character update, please give the date of that Friday that you wish to be paid on so that we can check and make sure that you deserve pay. If you do not follow that and do not include a date, you will not get paid.

Conditions: Active Active Active. You have to Actively be leading your village.  This does not mean you have to be cooped up in an office always giving missions. But, you shouldn't go inactive either and only show up for pay day.

ANBU Leader
Conditions: Active Active. The ANBU Leader serves as the substitute Kage if the Kage ever goes on absence. As an ANBU Leader, You are able to create missions up to S-rank. This is only a title position, its not a rank. This does not mean you have to be cooped up in secret lair or location always giving missions. But, you shouldn't go inactive either and only show up for pay day.

Conditions: Either you have students and actively lead them, or you are a beneficial part of your village.

Conditions: Same as jounin.

Conditions: Preform at least one mission a week, or help out a team with training.
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PostSubject: Re: Mission & Reward System   Tue Jul 16, 2013 3:26 pm

Village Pay & Upgrade Systems

Just like shinobi, Villages are paid on a weekly basis [Friday of Every week]. Villages are paid based on the amount of missions that they successfully complete within a week's time. When a village is doing a lot of missions and finishing them, it brings more missions as well as bolsters the village's 'reputation'. More Successful Missions = More Money. Below, is the amount of money paid to your village based on the amount of mission completed within the week. [Friday - Thursday] Then, on the proceeding Friday, you are paid for that week.

3 Million Ryo - Lazy (1-2 Missions Completed*)

5 Million Ryo - Below Average (3-5 Missions Completed*)

8 Million Ryo - Average (6-8 Missions Completed*)

10 Million Ryo - Above Average (9-12 Missions Completed*)

15 Million Ryo - Outstanding (13+ Missions Completed*)

* - Missions must be completed by [12:00am PST / 3:00am EST] the day of the ending pay period. If they are not, the mission is added to the next pay period.
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PostSubject: Re: Mission & Reward System   

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Mission & Reward System
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