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 Village Upgrade System (New!)

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PostSubject: Village Upgrade System (New!)   Village Upgrade System (New!) EmptySat Jul 20, 2013 5:09 pm

Village Upgrades
Village Upgrade System (New!) Tumblr_mkhtgqEG5F1r3pycko1_500

Medical Facilities / Hospital

Cost 10 Million Ryo

These facilities allow medical ninjas to analyze unique poisons, and create unique antidotes.
They also allow transplants to be made within them, with maximum safety.
Last but not least, these medical facilities may allow someone who has been severely wounded to recover from what could have been a deadly wound.



Watch Towers

Warns the Shinobi of the Villages when a non-wanted person enters their lands. Makes it hard to sneak into adjacent lands without proper Jutsus to conceal oneself. Allow Shinobi of the village to intercept without leaving through the Gates. This acts as a quick interception system. However, They must arrive at the location with a logical reason to be there. Can have a radio tower on top of the watch towers to give the Radio item a boost. Lets one call in reinforcements quickly if they have the Radio equipment item.

B-Rank- 15 Million Ryo Only covers the Village itself.

A-Rank- 22.5 Million Ryo Covers the village & one adjacent land.(Kages choice.)

S-Rank- 29.5 Million Ryo Covers the entire country of land.


Training Grounds

The Village spend time on making a training ground that will truly test their Shinobi. Anyone training in the training ground can receive a benefit. The training ground bonus can be stacked on the plus 10 that Genin get with training with a Sensei. Villages that put a lot time in the training grounds are known for having Shinobi that possess a bunch of different Justus.

B-Rank- 3 Million Ryo, Gives those training +10 EXP each post. (200 words minimum posts required)

A-Rank- 7 Million Ryo in addition to the previous amount already paid, Gives those training +20 EXP each post.(300 words minimum posting required)

S-Rank- 10 Million Ryo in addition to the previous amounts already paid, Gives those training +30 EXP each post.(500 words minimum posting required)



The villages have great blacksmiths that grasp of knowledge of making weapons that require less material making it cheaper on those who need weapons & equipment.

B-Rank- 10 Million Ryo, Give a 10% discount price on custom weapons and equipment.

A-Rank- 15 Million Ryo in addition to the previous amount paid, Give a 20% discount price on custom weapons and equipment.

S-Rank- 20 Million Ryo in addition to the previous amount paid, Give a 30% discount price on custom weapons and equipment.



The Villages have excellent places to eat that raise morale and replenish the chakra of those after combat and training. The chefs are renowned in the kitchen for making the best meals in their respective country.

5,000 Ryo Allows a shinobi to replenish their charka in 1 post instead of waiting around with 5 post. (200 words minimum) The deduction must be made as an update and included in the user's update thread to be valid.


Wall Protection

Wall Protection allows the walls of the village to be infused with element chakra. This makes it super hard for anyone to use the walls to enter the village. This will mainly force those to come through the gates instead of sneaking over walls. The wall is sophisticated enough to recognize the chakra of those that belong in the village. The element chakra has the power of a B-rank Jutsu each time it's activated.

For 20 Million Ryo, the Kage will dictate what type of element chakra is infused with the wall. Normally it will be one of the elements that the Kage themselves possess.


Village Academy

The village Academy is a place to train, and obtain new, stronger and more unique ninja. Aside from the obvious lessons one would learn from a Ninja Academy, all students receive essential knowledge, such as reading, writing, mathematics, science, geography, etc. Students also have to study the Shinobi Rules. Special lectures read by highly experienced shinobi are sometimes held.

Taught by ch┼źnin instructors, all ninja potentials are lectured on tactics and strategies. They are instructed on the basics of trap-setting as well as how to strengthen their minds and bodies. They are taken through the handling of ninja weapons and tools, like shuriken and kunai, learning how to throw and wield them through target practice. Academy students are also taught about chakra and how to use it, hand seals and the basic levels of, Nin, Tai, Gen.

9 Million Ryo -- All new genin can a bonus of 50 exp to spend.

5 Million Ryo -- In addition to the 50 exp to spend, all genin automatically know 1 D rank move chosen by the kage.

6 Million Ryo - In addition to the previous mentioned bonus, all genin automatically learn one C rank move chosen by the kage.


Banks are a integral part of the village. Each village gets its own, and each village has a unique bank. Banks are a individual entity in the village, they are secure and safe for the most part. Should a Ninja try and rob the bank, the village will be alerted and can respond. But villages are prevented from setting up defenses in/around the bank, as its a privilege not a right for the village to have one.

Basic Bank - 4 Million Ryo. Keeps safe villages money and ninjas money and items should they choose to store it in the bank.

Village Wide Bank - 8 Million Ryo Grants 10% interest each MONTH to the village and ninja who store there ryu there. Has one B rank NPC guard.

State Bank of ____ - 5 Million Ryo The State bank of the village, grants 20% interest each month to the village and ninja who store there ryu there. Has two A rank NPC guards there.
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Village Upgrade System (New!)
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