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 Rewards & Development System

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PostSubject: Rewards & Development System   Rewards & Development System EmptyThu Jul 11, 2013 3:45 pm

"Maybe, just maybe, there is no purpose in life. But if you linger a while longer in this world, you might discover something of value in it"
-- Orochimaru

Development Rewards System


For those who go out of their way for the sake of a character's story,
For those who genuinely participate in our Naruto-universe as if *actual characters* in a grand storyline,
For those who collectively interact with others, willing to favor the "RP" over the "G":

This Development Rewards System the system for you.

Whenever players go out of their way to portray a creative dynamic of their character, may that be fulfilling chapters of their unfinished past in the present, or advancing on to their uncertain future, we here at Flying Legends want to provide a development system capable of meeting your standards.

So, if an individual has progressed their character, be that in terms of personality or storyline, they may create a request for Dev-Tokens: the currency to purchase our Dev-Rewards.  These rewards are a compilation of unique perks for your character that you by-and-large cannot acquire any other way.  Some of these rewards are cosmetic, while others offer cool advantages both on and off the battlefield.

Although you may request Dev-Tokens as often as you please, staff will be looking for specific evidence of your character's development that will automatically space out requests.  This process ensures both genuine, valid requests and also prevents request-spamming for the same development-subject Wink
Important Note: Dev-Token requests that concern a development that *just happened* IC will not be approved, or even judged.  When you request Dev-Tokens for a character-development, staff will be expecting a *minimum* of 4-weeks of active role-playing that clearly exemplifies the development (the importance of this development should be evident in the future playing of your character, and this 4-weeks should demonstrate that).


You request for Dev-Tokens in your Character Update topic using the template below (also found in the "Character Updates!" topic, with the default Update Template).  For the initial release, two staffers will be required for Dev-Token approvals (subject to change at later date).
You may purchase Dev-Rewards by using the default Character Update Template.  There is no built-in counter for your Dev-Tokens, so, like your Ryo, you must keep track of how much you have by yourself.


How to Development Rewards?  Well, to be general: put emphasis on the "RP" in RPG.  One of the greatest parts of RPing a character is to develop said character.  This can be done by finishing up "unfinished business" in your character's Background (though this must be done current-time, IC).  

For instance, Sasuke certainly had unfinished business with his brother Itachi and eventually left the Leaf Village in order to gain power to fight him one day.

Oftentimes, with these advances in story, developments in your character's personality are sure change with the times.

Going on the previous example, Sasuke, in his decision to leave Konoha, broke the bonds he had with his friends and became near-dementedly hell-bent on exacting revenge for his clan.

Now, just because your character *does something* does not mean they have *done something developmental.*

If a member takes over a village or minor-nation merely because "they could," or for economic-profit, this is not a development for their character.  This is an example of acting without progressing their story-- you do it for *you,* not *your character.*  However, if a previous kage were to re-establish Amegakure, who he has background-affiliation with, that would be considered developmental.

Just because your character is a member of an organization who has certain goals does not mean your character automatically shares these goals.  This is applicable to both Hidden Villages and Organizations.

If someone joins Akatsuki, but has no other, *personal* motive for attacking a village other than acting in accordance to said organization, they do not advance their story-- they advance *Akatsuki's* story.  This is different if a character attacks a village, for his character's main, defining goal is to reform the shinobi-world by deconstruction and reconstruction (or something).

The Bottom-Line:

Develop your character in a genuine, creative fashion; demonstrate atleast 4-weeks of this development in-RP prior to requesting anything; make an Update requesting Dev-Tokens; purchase Dev-Rewards with what you are granted; profit.
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Rewards & Development System
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