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 General Forum Rules

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PostSubject: General Forum Rules   General Forum Rules EmptyTue Jul 16, 2013 2:20 pm

Well, every site has rules. So, this one is no different but realize this, as a member on this site, you are responsible for following these rules and the terms of service given by Forumotion. As this site's staff, we are responsible for upholding these regulations. Breaking of these rules can result in a multitude of punishments [each differing in severity depending on the staff member, the number of offenses made, and the proof given] leading up to banishment from the site. [Site rules will continually be updated as seen fit and members are always responsible for the updated rules as well.]

Forum Rules

So, leading this up is rule number one.

1.) No offensive member harassment. It's understood that arguments happen and tempers flare. But, there should not be any constant bashing and such based on race, religion, and sexuality.

2.) It is preferred that members keep the same account name as their character, character alias, or site alias. This helps us identify each other. For example: Character's name is Boo Uzumaki. It is okay for the account to be named "Boo" as that's the character name.  "Boo" is also known throughout the RP as "The Violent Flasg" so that is also an acceptable account name. His site alias is "Bookanta" so this is also an acceptable account name. Anything else will not be accepted and staff will prompt you to change your account name if seen. If the member chooses to be disobedient about this, further action may be taken.

3.) This site is geared towards young adults so yes, this site is not rated G or even PG-13. Profanity may be used and unless it is over the top and used to harass, it will be deemed okay. In addition, this site is a shinobi RPG. There will be descriptions of violent acts [killing, injuring, etc.]. If that offends you, this may not be the place for you.

4.) Spamming, or posting multiple times in a topic one after another on a forum or in the chatbox, is frowned against. Please do not do it.

5.) Advertising is not allowed on the forum without the Administration's permission. The process for this includes us looking at your site and deciding whether or not it seems relevant to our site's interest. If we agree that it is, we will propose affiliation which is the only instance under which your site can be advertised on ours.

6.) In the end, staff has the last say. We will do our best to satisfy the multitude but remember, "You can make some people happy all of the time, all people happy some of the time, but you can't make all people happy all of the time." We know that not everyone will agree with us 100% of the time but we do listen and we are trying to do what we feel is best. We are here to keep the site clean and fun and will uphold this in any way that we have to within our power. This even means that yes, new rules may be made at a notice's whim to cover loopholes and preserve what we are trying to establish.

7.) Spirit - Here at Flying Legends as staff we try our best to follow the spirit of rules and regulations. We won't always succeed but we will do our best, and as such sometimes things that are unreasonable, irrational or down right hurtful towards the site will be removed or told to change. We find that such things often cause more problems than effectively dealing with them, and they will be asked to be removed, or removed by force. Staff has the final say.

RP Rules

1.) No [Yes, none] Suicide. If you commit suicide, there will be punishment. No loopholing the rule either.

2.) Elite shinobi [Jounin and higher] are required to be active. You all run your villages, especially the Kage. We understand absences but if you do not have one, then you are to be active or get removed from your spot which leads to the next rule.

3.) If you do not post in the RP world in 4 weeks time, your character gets lost in the world of limbo and lost souls. This means that your character can not be retrieved in any type of way whatsoever. He/She is lost and no one knows what happened to them. Any belongings that the person had disappear along with them.

4.) Killing and fights are part of being a shinobi. But, if you engage in something with a person due to OoC [Out of Character] reasoning with no type of IC [In Character] reasoning, it will be voided by staff.

5.) Auto-Hitting is obviously frowned against and doing such will only get your entire post voided. So, be careful of it and if you don't know what it is, ask a staff member.

6.) Connecting an attack should be verified by a staff member because without such, it usually ends in arguments that could have easily been avoided otherwise.

7.) Writing is meant to convey a message. So, if your post cannot be understood, you can be asked to clarify and if needed, even rewrite your post so that it can be understood.

8.) The purpose of this RP is development and we encourage that. Training is all part of being a shinobi and we understand this, but so is the development of your character through their interactions with other people and experiences. Remember this.

9.) If you exit a topic and do not post elsewhere in the span of 24 hours, you can be intercepted. At that point, you will have 48 hours to respond to your interceptor's post.

10.) After 48 hours, if you have not posted, you may be skipped in RP. This prevents the clogging of topics as best as possible with giving users a chance to reply because we understand that everyone has things to do in real life. But, if you are going to be gone longer, make an absence topic.

11.) If you exit a topic and make an attack in the same post, it will be voided. Attacking and exiting on the same post, not allowed.

Chat Box Rules

The 1 and only Rule.) Listen to the Chat Moderators. Failing to cooperate will get you banned. Offenses carried out in the chatbox will not affect your participation on the forum unless situations call for it. Remember, the chatbox is a privilege.

We are glad to have you as a member and hope that you have fun while you are here.

*Proof- This means to print screen offenses. This is the best proof that you can show us in order for us to make easier rulings that are the fairest.

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General Forum Rules
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