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Naruto: Flying Legends RPG

Enter the ninja world with a new and unique system of rpg, and plenty of events to keep you and your friend's busy.
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 Genjutsu Rules

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PostSubject: Genjutsu Rules   Tue Jul 16, 2013 6:16 pm

E-D Ranked - just simple scratches, pierced skin, light blunt damage and such

C Ranked - 4 mm and deeper scratches, 2nd degree burns up to 5cm length, twisted ankle and such

B Ranked - deep or rather long cuts (remember Kakashi's wound over his torso when he got slashed by Zabuza), men getting their mojo whacked, broken bones, also 2nd degree burns covering a limb or more

A+ Ranked - deep wounds like with B-Rank, arms cut off, cutting of your own tongue with your teeth, tearing your own lips with your teeth, 3rd degree burns or higher over a limb or such

A Master in Genjutsu does not have stronger Genjutsu. The same is with Ninjutsu, your Fireball won't be stronger just because you are a master.

They get the chakra discount like everyone else.
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Genjutsu Rules
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