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 Battle Rules & Character Deaths

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Battle Rules & Character Deaths Empty
PostSubject: Battle Rules & Character Deaths   Battle Rules & Character Deaths EmptyThu Jul 11, 2013 3:00 pm


I am sure everyone knows the basics, such as no meta game, no god mod, no auto hitting and no controlling your opponents characters. Getting caught doing any of these may get your post voided, so do not even try.

Also, in some cases your opponent may be vague about something, only if necessary you can fill these gaps as long as you do not do something that completely changes what your foe did (Example: Your opponent shoots a fireball at you, not saying how big it is or anything, just mentioning the jutsu. If you say that its really tiny, that's gonna get voided, but if you just describe it like it had been shown in the manga/anime, that's okay.)

Communicate with the people who are in your topic through PMs to clear any confusion.

Conflict Solving

If a member calls an issue, one moderator comes in and makes a decision based on what he/she reads in the topic.

We encourage moderators to not allow kill shots, and find effective solutions to such problems, remember we don't want people to kill all the time, we just it to be a final unavoidable solution.

If one of the parties feel's that the moderators call was unfair, they can take it to the next step and going to conflict resolution. At this stage, they can state why the first moderator's judgement in there opinion, was incorrect. At this time, all the moderators vote on a course of action, it's a simple vote. Either stand by said moderator's decision, or vote to open it to discussion. This way, we can avoid having 3754893750 posts about one fight.

Should moderators vote to open it to discussion, ONE admin (Not us all, come on Lancey, just one of us) will judge and call a vote between mods and decision stands. No other admin's can come in and overrule it. Because there are three of us, so 2 v 1 doesn't look good. So 1 with mods is more than enough to handle it.

Calling A Hit

The only way for anyone to call a hit on his opponent can be done if the opponent had not posted under the 48h time limit. Otherwise, you are not allowed to make such decisions on your own.

So, how do you do it. Well, look at the above info on conflict solving. You ask a Staff member, this staff member listens to both sides of the story and he makes a decision from what he heard.

Simple indeed.

"Hidden" Attacks

Any form of tricks used to confuse your foe and make an attack are not allowed. If you are found making such attack you will be asked to edit it out OR you will have to explain to your opponent what you did so that they could have a fair chance at replying to your attack. Being vague in the effect of an attack is also considered a form of hidden attack and against the rules.

Posting Orders

Once a fight breaks out, no matter what the previous order of posting in the topic is, the final needs to be alternating between both sides.


Member from Side A, Member from Side B, Member from Side A, Member from Side B, etc.

This way, we don't have:

Side A, Side A, Side B, Side B, Side A, Side B, Side B.

It gets messy that way and people won't understand what's going on.

It also means that if both people from one side don't post, it would take a minimum of 96 hours before one side can post.

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Battle Rules & Character Deaths Empty
PostSubject: Re: Battle Rules & Character Deaths   Battle Rules & Character Deaths EmptyThu Jul 11, 2013 3:06 pm

Death Rules

During Battles and encounters, Ninja's fight and some lose, and death overcomes them. Often times, tools, weapons, unique things and even money are left on there body. This is an explanation of what to expect and guide to show you what happens when you not only die, but if you happen to kill someone.


Looting is when you take things off a dead body. You may be wondering, what type of things you can take from the body. Well first and foremost is money, any and all money a person had is consider on them at all times. For some this may seem a little unreasonable, as large amounts of money are hard to carry. Well, in order to appease people, every ninja has a ryu scroll (a scroll that holds all there money). Thus, all the money a ninja has, is carried on them.

Second, items, weapons and tools are all on there person, from summoning contracts too rare weapons to custom gear, its all on them. Scrolls and such are on them as well.

Finally, as ninja you may be wondering just how safe guard your belongings. We will detail that a little later. But note, we frown upon people taking supreme steps to vanguard there belongings with elaborate measures to ensure no one can take them. Part of life is death, and part of death is gaining loot, please be respectful of that process.


Upon death, a small counter begins. Members have one week in which to stake claim to a body. Should Members not claim loot within one week, the body starts too rot and after one week, such claims can not be met. *Claiming involves simple that, staking claim to such body*


Sometimes ninja go inactive, they just up and leave the village. What happens if they hold a important contract, or rare unique items. Well usually such things are turned over by the admins, and if said ninja return, they are either given back or not depending on the length of time. But this isn't about that. This is about what to do with inactive ninja.

Site rules dictate a ninja is considered inactive after two weeks, starting from his/her last IC post. Meaning for roughly two weeks they can be fair game. There are only two exceptions to this clause. Combat threads, if a ninja goes inactive during a combat thread, the two week rule is suspended. Traveling Rule, should a ninja exit a place, and go inactive. There character is then susceptible too being intercepted for upon too 3 weeks (2 weeks + 1 week = 3 weeks) This is to ensure things like, stealing or robbing that occur have proper time to regain goods.

These are the two exceptions to the Inactive Death rule, with one final caviot on dealing with thieves and robberies. Ninja are not vikings, and as such raiding places for loot and goods is considered a crime, an affront to all villages (Including there own). Should these raiders steal people or such, they have 5 days in which to properly restrain and secure the belongings, otherwise there victims will be able to escape, and ill gotten gains lost. An example to clarify.

If Sasuke is in Otagakure and hasn't posted for 12 days, Itachi comes and steals him for horrible unmentionable things. Itachi has exactly 5 days to secure sasuke, otherwise Sasuke escapes and is on the lamb (And also consider inactive and untouchable). Such as, Itachi posts in 8 days, being lazy as he is known to be. He has lost Sasuke and any valuables he may have gotten. This is to prevent inactive abuse and inactive loopholes.


So you wish to secure your belongings, there is only one way. The Bank, yes each village now has a bank (upgrades pending). In which it stores its money and its ninja's items. The bank is secure, meaning unless the village is attacked and banked robbed, your money is safe (Items can be stored in the bank, but that is explained later, you can't store items in the bank and also use them, its either in the bank or not)

So your money is safe in the bank, maybe a few items. What happens if you die or go inactive? Oh that's simple, everyone who wishes to put things in the bank fills out a little form, on it states "Upon Death/Inactive" your belongings go too. If you don't fill it out, the Kage automatically gets it and decides what to do with it. If you do fill it out, that person is informed and they get it. (Like a will) If you fill it out, and that person happens to be dead/inactive themselves, the Kage gets it. If there is no Kage, ANBU Commander, and it goes down the line for high ranking officials. If you are a missing ninja or go missing and don't clean out your bank, guess what, the Kage takes it.

Finally, there is one last thing to know.

Plot items, rare legendary items, and significant items always find a way out, meaning they always come back to the fold. Such items are a privilege, not a right. They are a benefit and reward, not a entitlement. Staff will use them at there digression, and allow you to have them at there digression. If you think to try and loophole or be a way around these things, staff will simple pluck them from you, or you will just forget where you put it one day. Please respect these items, there for the benefit of the site, not your personal play things.
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Battle Rules & Character Deaths
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