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Enter the ninja world with a new and unique system of rpg, and plenty of events to keep you and your friend's busy.
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 Map & Traveling Rules

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Map & Traveling Rules Empty
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Traveling through minor countries only takes 12 hours, and the intercepting is also 12 hours.

•When leaving/entering a village you must post at the village Gates first and only then you can enter any of the other village parts.

• Also, you need to pass through at least 1 other part of the country before you arrive at a village, same when exiting a land. (Example, you need to leave through the Suna gates, then go through the Suna Desert, then through the Leaf forest and only then you can post at the Gates)

•Passing from one Country to another takes 24 hours in real time, and do use logic, you can't get to Land of Lightning right from the Land of Wind, you need to pass through the Land of Fire first.

•Intercepting is allowed here.

•In order for a intercept to be legal, you need to post 24 hours within the time that your designated target has exited.

•There are cases when someone who you want to stop decides to leave a topic but you can't stop them because someone else has to post in front of you. In that case, the time limit moves to 72 hours. (Why? Well, the person who wants to leave shouldn't be punished because others aren't actively posting)

•If you want to follow someone who had left a topic, you can do that only if less than 96 (4 days) had passed. You can't enter a topic and then follow someone who had left that topic a week ago or something.

•After 24/72h to intercept had passed, the exit is legal. But, if that person doesn't post in any topic after 72h, anyone else can intercept him regardless of the time that passed.
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Map & Traveling Rules
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