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Enter the ninja world with a new and unique system of rpg, and plenty of events to keep you and your friend's busy.
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 Practicing Protection

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Hateshinai made his way down the Sunagakure mansion hallways, only stopping at the picture on the wall of the last kazekage. He smiled at her frowning face, rather ironic really. He never understood the stories of the previous kazekage, her will strong and powerful, enough to keep enemies away and her nation stable, and yet she was never able to curve his lips upward. He stared for a moment, pondering her personality, but remembered the task at hand. He gripped the large scroll he held in his arms, barely pulling his view away from the large picture to continue on. He stepped slowly and carefully through the long hall until he reached his office. He opened the door and stepped through, making sure to close and lock the door behind him.

In the center of the room a rather large, oval like table lay empty, save for a couple papers and small scrolls on the corners. Hateshinai placed the scroll down, rolling it out so that it was open, now, revealing an entire map of the village, including its walls and exits. A small grin managed to appear on his face, feeling proud of how it, the village, had advanced since its founding. He placed two fingers to his lips and placed them on the map, somehow ensuring the safety of his people and installing hope in the citizens who fear destruction. He closed his eyes and nodded to himself, tying his hair back in a high ponytail with his shinobi headband. He formed the tiger seal with both his hands, overlaying the two, humming to himself as he drew chakra into his hands. He began to concentrate, breathing in and out slowly, focus being an essential to the jutsu he was getting ready to cast.

'Ram → Hare → Snake → Dragon → Rat → Ox → Tiger → Hare → Snake → Dragon → Rat → Ox → Tiger → Snake → Tiger → Ox → Snake → Tiger → Hare → Horse → Dragon → Rat → Snake → Tiger → Snake → Rat → Ox → Tiger → Hare → Snake' Hateshinai recited in his head, simultaneously forming the hand seals.

Before launching the jutsu, he brought his left and right thumbs to his face, digging into the flesh with his canine teeth, drawing blood almost instantly. A pinch of pain shot up through his hand, but it would be nothing compared to the suffering of his people if an infiltration was successful. He kept his eyes closed, bringing both his hands down hard on the map on the table. A drop of sweat fell from his cheek just as he opened his mouth.

"Kekkaimon Gofūjutsu: Hachimon Heijō." The kage's voice boomed, and the air around him became sluggish, time following in suit as it seemed to slow down. The water droplet that had formed and fallen just miniseconds ago stopped; the sheer chakra force and air pressure forced it back up and towards the ceiling. "Barrier Gate Five Seals Technique: Castle Closing Eight Gates !!" He announced to the room. His chakra flailed about and blew his hair upwards, a light blue cloud of chakra floated out over the village towards the outer ring, where it settled into the ground, just inside the Thirty-Six Layered Barrier already activated around. Four giant gates sprung up around the village, at the extreme North, South, East, and West. They were about 20 feet wide and 50 feet tall. Each gate was exactly the same, except for the gate at the north which had a giant statue of an eagle. Its wings are spread out, maybe as a way to warn enemies of their demise if they dare threaten the village.

After the gates were up and finished shifting, they form a barrier around the area. This barrier has a very high durability, and anything that makes contact with it is immediately engulfed in flames. The only way to pass through the barrier unharmed is with a special seal or by the permit of the user, the user being the kazekage.

A knock on the door made his eyes spring open. Hateshinai was brought back to Earth as he went for the door. When he opened it, a young shinobi with black hair, Hateshinai recognized him as a chunin, was smiling wildly up at him. Maybe in awe, or maybe in thanks, but Hateshinai simply ruffled his hair as he walked past. "I'd like to say my work here is done, but really this is just the beginning."

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Practicing Protection
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