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Enter the ninja world with a new and unique system of rpg, and plenty of events to keep you and your friend's busy.
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 Mujin Senju(wip)

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PostSubject: Mujin Senju(wip)   Mujin Senju(wip) EmptySat Jul 20, 2013 3:05 am

Let me introduce myself.

NAME: (This is where you put your characters name. Just remember that the name of your character must match the name of the account which you are using. Or, your account must contain at least a part of the name or the alias. We don't have any restrictions about names, you can name your character anything.)
- Alias: (Does your character have some sort of a alias or a nickname? If he/she does have one, or more than one, just post them here.)

AGE: (How old is your character? Please add his actual age. If you want, you can also include his mental age and his apparent age, some act and people look older or younger than they really are.)

ETHNICITY: (Here you add the ethnicity of your character. I'm sure everyone know what ethnicity is.)

GENDER: (Is your character male or female? If he is something else then we would like if you could elaborate on it further, just a couple of sentences.)

What do you see when you look at me?

EYE COLOR: (Of which color are your characters eyes? You can use a single word to fill this section, or you could include an actual description.)
WEIGHT AND HEIGHT: (How much does your character weight? How tall is he? You can use any form of measure/metric system here. But don't just put a number.)

APPEARANCE DESCRIPTION: (This is one of the most important parts of the application and so it is one of the requirements which will decide if your application is good enough for the rank which you requested. The minimum for your appearance description is 150 words, you can include a picture here as well, but the actual description is the mandatory part. Here you can write about your characters clothes, his or her built, significant marks, the places where they hold their weapons and gear, etc.)

Who am I really?

PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: (Probably the most part of the application, the personality of the character. Here you write about your characters true self and how he acts in different situations. The personality section is one of the parts in which you show us how well thought out is the character which you are creating. It needs to be at least 300 words long, more you add, higher the rank you can get.)

  • put
  • at
  • least
  • five
  • likes

  • put
  • at
  • least
  • five
  • dislikes

HOBBIES: (Does your character have any hobbies? Drawing? Collecting rare artifacts or figures?)

DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES: (What does your character fear the most? What does he fear? What does he want to become? Does he have a goal of some kind? What is his goal? Here you just add a few sentences that would answer some or all of those questions. If your character doesn't have any of these just put N/A.)

I got some skills.

ELEMENT/'s: (You get 1 starting element regardless of your rank. If you have a Bloodline with an advanced element (example Senju), you get that advanced element (Wood Release in this case) and the elements which make that advanced element (Water and Earth in this case).)
CLAN: (If you don't want any, just put N/A. But, if you want one just go to the approved bloodlines/clanes section and pick one. Be sure to ask whoever made the clan before you decide to join it, unless they state that the clan is open for anyone.)
VILLAGE: (Kirigakure, Sunagakure, Kumogakure or Konohagakure)
RANK: (Genin, Chuunin, Jounin or Kage)

This is my story!

BIRTH PLACE: (Where was your character born? Just add the name of the village or the country.)
DATE OF BIRTH: (Day and Month please, we aren't set in some exact year.)
ZODIAC SIGN: (Leo? Virgo? Which zodiac sing does your character have? Be sure to make this section match with your date of birth.)

HISTORY: (Well, this part is pretty much self-explanatory. Basically here you show us the past of your character and how he reached this present time. What kind of a life did he have? Was he happy or sad? Were there any difficult situations in which he found himself? Older characters should naturally have much more things through which they've passed in life. This section needs to be at least 400 words long.)

The one behind the character.

Quote :
Name of the author/series - Name of the character

CREATORS COMMENTS/NOTES: (Got anything else to mention? Any comments about the template or the site? Questions?)

ROLE PLAYING SAMPLE: (This is where you add your role playing sample which will hopefully show us the level of skill which you posses. We would like if you would add a sample of your everyday posts or preferably a link to a topic where we could see you role playing with some other people. Optional for Genin.)
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Mujin Senju(wip)
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