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 Civilian Systems

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Civilian Systems

Jobs & Occupations

As a Civilian, your main source of income is through your professions. By taking part in, or owning your own business, and doing your job, you are payed Ryo and Exp after reaching certain points. Think of this as the tip, or the on spot pay you receive when doing a job for someone.

•5 Posts of working = 30,000 Ryo and 20 Experience

•10 Posts of working = 40,000 Ryo and 20 Experience

•15 Posts of working = 50,000 Ryo and 20 Experience

Now as you can see, 5 posts of work grants you 30,000 Ryo and 20 Experience. The more you post however, and the more work you do consecutively, the more you will get. Reaching your 10th post of work, you may claim 40,000 Ryo and 20 Experience, as well as the original 5 post reward. This applies to the 15 post reward as well, allowing you to claim the 10 post, and 5 post rewards on top of it. Each time you reach the maximum reward, being the 15th post of work, the count resets, and you work your way back up from 0 posts. From 15 posts of work, you can claim up to 120,000 Ryo, and 60 Exp.

Now when it comes to doing business with other registered characters, being other people who are RPing, you gain rewards as well, as we highly suggest you involve yourself with other Civilian, and Ninja alike.

•1 Registered Character business transaction = 50,000 Ryo and 40 Exp.

When you do business, you are capable of doing it anywhere you please. Whether you wish to travel to different countries, go to minor towns on the outskirts of hidden villages, wherever you wish to go, if there is work to be done, and pay to claim, you may do so. If you are running a land mounted business however inside of a hidden village, if you wish, you may stick to a single topic to run your store in. It is up to you.

Shops, Businesses, and the Shinobi Loan Company

Civilians, just like your every day people, either work for someone, or for themselves. Be it under a large company name such as Ichiraku Ramen, or a smaller scale business they had invented themselves. It is all up to you. Now as far as purchasing your supplies goes, it is suggested that you take out a loan in order to pay for your supplies. Afterwards, you make that money back through your business to pay the loan off. The loan will gradually decrease as you do more and more business, allowing you to pay the loan off without actually handing a single Ryo yourself to the company. They have a high influence, and profit off of the Ryo made by the shops such as the Equipment Shop, and the Materials Shop. Thus, 5% of the Ryo your character makes from any type of business is automatically applied to the loan, though you do not lose that percentage of Ryo from your pay check. For example, if someone does 5 posts of business and claims the 30,000 Ryo, 1,500 Ryo would be deducted from the amount you owe to paying back the loan.

Now you do not need a building to do business, and can travel, or do your business wherever you like. If you wish to own an actual shop however, you can register that shop at the Shop/Business Creation forum.

The Shinobi Loan Company

"The Shinobi Loan Company is one of the largest most popular companies throughout the world. Many of those who are just walking through the door of marketing, and business, also walk through the doors of this company to get started. The company started some time ago by a man named Yoshi Hokkaido, after he had struck rich through stocks, when a Ninja war had suddenly emerged. Now deceased, the company is led by his kind hearted son, who is pushing the company through it's 25th birthday. This company is often the first step for many civilians who wish to start their own business. The company was named after a 4 leaf clover, a symbol of luck."
Although this is an out of Rp thing, it can be mentioned in RP.


(Min) = The minimum amount of Ryo that can be withdrawn as a loan by any rank
(Max) = The maximum amount of Ryo that can be withdrawn as a loan by the listed rank

• Any Rank = 300,000 Ryo (Min)

•C Rank = 400,000 Ryo (Max)

•B Rank = 600,000 Ryo (Max)

•A Rank = 800,000 Ryo (Max)

•S Rank = 1,000,000 Ryo (Max)

Repaying the Loan

•Repaying the loan is simple. When you claim Ryo from doing any type of business, be it through business posts, or transactions with other players, you can take 5% of your total pay, and deduct that amount from the loan on your update. However, you do NOT lose that Ryo that is put towards the loan, as the money that pays off the loan in small bits from this is actually the tax placed on many things throughout the world, such as the Equipment Shop, and the Materials Shop. (This also includes many other things inside of RP that are generally unnoticed, and you do not lose any extra Ryo from it)

•Not only can you repay the loan through small portions such as that, but if you wish to pay it off faster, you can do so by creating an update in your update thread, deducting Ryo from yourself, and paying off the loan with it. You of course lose the Ryo from doing so. However, you are unable to pay the loan off this way until 1 week after the loan had been withdrawn is up. (For example, someone can not take a 300k loan, and then pay it off immediately. You must wait 7 days.)

Weekly Pay

Depending on how much work you do within 1 week, at the end of the week you are capable of claiming your weekly pay. This is pay you receive from the Shinobi Loan Company so long as you qualify, and do good with your business. The reason you receive this pay from them is if you are doing well with your business, their income increases as well from more purchases being made from areas they have an influence on. It expands the market. So, to keep up the good work, you are given this pay on every Friday - Sunday, so long as you qualify for it. This money is sent to your character in the form of a pay check, thus you can immediately claim that Ryo in an update so long as you qualify for that week. There are 2 types of pay checks that can be claimed, each one set with a different requirement. However, only one or the other can be claimed for that week, not both at once. You are however capable of benefiting from both the 'on spot pay' from doing business posts, and one of the weekly pay checks at once.

Pay Checks:

Paycheck Type: NPC Related
Requirement: At least 10 Business posts within the week.
Pay: 150,000 Ryo

Paycheck Type: Reg. Character Related
Requirement: At least 3 business transactions made with 2 different characters within the week.
Pay: 300,000 Ryo

You are UNABLE to claim a pay check late, or early. If you do not claim it on the given dates, being Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you are unable to claim that pay for the week, and miss out. Also, if you are trying to claim the pay last second, but the jobs are not done, you will be denied. The jobs must be complete by the time you claim your pay in an update for you to be qualified.

Pay Checks DO NOT count towards the loan the way obtaining pay from posting does. If you wish to pay off part of a loan using your pay check, you must create the update, and pay the Ryo manually. Of course losing the Ryo you pay. (Ex. 5% of the Paycheck does NOT get reduced on the loan automatically)

Spending your money

•What you spend your money on is mostly up to you. Be it fashion, food, though one thing you should always hold onto money for is your business. You need money to make money after all.

•If your shop is destroyed, you will need money to repair it. This can vary in price, and the price of the repairs is ultimately left up to you, so long as you are reasonable with it. These repairs must be approved on a character update.

•Tip: It is often good to hire other player ninja as bodyguards if you have a bad reputation, or a ninja is out to kill you for whatever reason.

Profession Point Bonuses

Profession Upgrade is a solid rank up, meaning from Basic to Adept, or Adept to Master.
Each Upgrade can only be claimed once.

• +1 Profession Upgrade after paying off a withdrawn loan.

•+1 Profession Upgrade after making 2 business deals with other characters.

Ranking Up

Currently, a Civilians rank determines their popularity, or fame throughout the world. The higher the rank, often the more business they get. Although rank is mostly based on fame, it can also determine how trustworthy your character is to get a job done, the quality of the goods you make, or the work you do, just your characters performance overall. This is something mostly noticed in Rp, as a B ranked Master Alchemist would technically be on the same level of skill in Alchemy as an S rank.

As for ranking up, there is no official way to rank up currently aside from being staff approved for a rank up, after doing some impressive stuff in Rp. Impressive as in making many business transactions with other players, and just overall getting your name out to the world. The more business you do, the more popular you become, thus your rank will gradually increase.
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Civilian Systems
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