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 Fuma, Hateshinai [Completed]

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Fuma, Hateshinai [Completed] Empty
PostSubject: Fuma, Hateshinai [Completed]   Fuma, Hateshinai [Completed] EmptyWed Jul 17, 2013 5:54 pm

Kazekage Hateshinai

NAME: Hateshinai
- Alias: The Kazekage

AGE: 19




EYE COLOR: Some describe Hateshinai's eyes as being a pitch black color, while others have seen them a light grey. In actuality they are a faded mix of the two, and appear different colors depending on the weather or sometimes even his mood.
WEIGHT AND HEIGHT: 113 lbs. 5'8"

APPEARANCE DESCRIPTION: Hateshinai is a man, but looks much like a female. Most people who meet him are surprised at his looks, considering his high position and leadership. Others who have never met the Kazekage, but are aware he's a man, never believe him when he tells him he's the Kazekage. He has light grey hair, borderline white, that falls a little past his shoulders, and frames his face. His simply but unevenly cut bangs fall just above his eyes, covering his Suna headband almost all the time.

When not on missions, he wears a thick white scarf around his neck, the parts that aren't wrapped firmly around there fall to about his mid thigh. He does so to reflect the sunlight. It actually keeps him cooler, in all honesty. He wears a plain black sweater with sleaves that have been ripped off, leaving bandages in their place on his left arm. The sweater slightly bunched up at the waste, giving him an even more female-like figure. He wears some form of shinobi standard pants and footwear, even though it is an outfit for around the village.

When on missions, Hateshinai ties his hair back in a high ponytail, exposing his shiny shinobi headband. He will wear the standard Sunagakure moss green vest, usually will a white tshirt underneath. His bandages are still visible on his left arm. He wears black tight pants, one leg ending near his ankle, the other cut short around high thigh. His bandages make up the rest of said leg. He'll wear the same black sandals all shinobi wear, as well.

As far as accesories go, Hateshinai pnly has the Kunai holster wrapped tightly against his left leg, high enough so that he could easily reach it in combat.


PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: Needless to say, Hateshikai is remarkably talented. He is recognized as a genuis even among his superiors. He never has denied it, either, refusing to act chilish and deny his abilities. He is cool and calculated, but humble enough to recognize when he is defeated. He has a vast knowledge of jutsu and chakra control, seeing as it was the reaearch he devoted himself to until he was promoted to Hokage.

He loves his village very much, but doesn't as much enjoy leading it. The only reason Shikai took office was because he understood he was the only shinobi right for the job, and he promised to see that the village would never lay in waste as it did thirty years ago. He always tells himself he'd pass on the job to the next shinobi ready, but the time hasn't come along, so he has kept the thoughts to himself.

Hateshikai is a man of his word. He has never told a lie, even in his adolescence. He would never lie to an opponent in battle either, even if it was detrimental to gaining the upper hand.


  • Sweet Food

  • Spicy Food

  • Sunagakure

  • Boys

  • Subtelty


  • Children

  • Noise

  • Waste

  • Poverty

  • Leadership

HOBBIES: Shinai doesn't have many hobbies, considering he has a village he has to manage; but in his little free time he likes to read. In actuality, the time Hateshinai isn't doing Kazekage tasks he is reading. The only other hobby he would remember really is singing, as well. He loves singing and writing music, even though he isn't nearly as good at composing as he is being a shinobi.

DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES: The only nightmare is that his village will fail, and the only thing he really lives for is to maintain his sanity and the safety of his people. Dreams are inconsequential, but he feels they're also hard to keep and ruin your future decisions.


ELEMENT/'s: Fire
CLAN: Fuma
VILLAGE: Sunagakure
RANK: Kage


BIRTH PLACE: Konohagakure
DATE OF BIRTH: February 11

Academy Days
Hateshinai was a civil child in the academy. He easily passed all his classes with straight A's, scores higher than the rest of his class, and an IQ beyond that of even his sensei. The day before his graduation, his youngest sister, who was only six years old at the time, passed away from a severe illness. Hateshinai was devastated, but persevered none-the-less through it.

Desert Tribulations
Only a month after he was promoted to Chunin, twenty three months after his sister's death, he was assigned a B-rank mission to find his parents in the desert. They had been presumably ambushed and held captive, but Hateshinai was smart enough to know they were dead. He was once again ruined inside and was extremely frustrated the kage in power didn't prepare them for all the possible outcomes. More than being sad over his parent's death, he decided to lash out on his own country. He shielded himself from the world, becoming rogue for a while, and taking refuge in the desert.

He lived in the desert for two years, devoting himself to studying jutsu and furthering himself in his strength. He vowed to return to the village one day and, instead of choosing the path of destruction as most would, he decided to become the next Kazekage, rid of flaws and one who lives to ensure the safety of his people. He was caught before he wished in the desert by Sunagakure jounin and dragged back to the village. They were to execute him as soon as they got within the village borders, for everyone to see. So he had no choice but to take down the Kazekage. They fought for hours on end, going at eachother with all they had. It wasn't until Shinai delivered a fatal blow that the Kazekage realized his true intent and capabilities. Right before his death, he anointed Hateshinai to the position of Kazekage, and removed all charges from him. That was the last day Shinai shed a tear, a lone drop falling from his cheek for the Kazekage. He stood up, and claimed his position as leader. From then on, the people grew to love and understand him. And although there are people who still seek to destroy him, he lives a fairly peaceful life.


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Fuma, Hateshinai [Completed] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fuma, Hateshinai [Completed]   Fuma, Hateshinai [Completed] EmptyWed Jul 17, 2013 9:42 pm

Accepted. This topic will be locked and added to the approved characters topic Smile
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Fuma, Hateshinai [Completed]
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