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Enter the ninja world with a new and unique system of rpg, and plenty of events to keep you and your friend's busy.
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 Alternate Characters

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Alternate Characters

*Here are are a few pointers and guidelines to remember if you are considering obtaining an alternate [or alt for short] character.

•You must be an active member. To prove this, you will need to obtain 1000 exp [both used and unused amounts count together]. This 1000 exp is not spent to get the character slot, but only used as a reference of your being active enough on the site to even be considered for a second character.

•The 1000 exp cost for an alt applies to Tokujou-and-higher characters. Between your three allocated characters, only one of them may *start* as a Tokujou-or-higher ranked ninja.

•The preceding bullets can be omitted under one condition only. This means that you would not have to gain the 1000 exp only if your alternate characters are of genin rank. If you want your alt to be higher rank, then the first bullets apply to you.

•When your alternate character dies, you have to gather this exp again in order to create a new character for that slot. The only case in which this rule does not apply is if you have no more remaining characters left when the last one dies.

•You may only have a total of 3 characters at any given time. No more than this.

•Alternate characters must be of a different clan and village than your other characters. If you are creating a new character to replace a deceased character, it must also be of a different village than the previous character in that slot, as well.

•Alternate characters cannot help* each other and exp can not be transferred between them.

*Help is defined as using characters to alter/enhance the abilities of each other in any way, transferring materials such as weapons and tools, trading secret intel, and acting out of character in order to progress each other.
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Alternate Characters
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