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Enter the ninja world with a new and unique system of rpg, and plenty of events to keep you and your friend's busy.
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 Restricted Canon Jutsu Thread

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Restricted Canon Jutsu Thread Empty
PostSubject: Restricted Canon Jutsu Thread   Restricted Canon Jutsu Thread EmptyTue Jul 16, 2013 6:26 pm

Restricted Techniques

These are our list of techniques that are off limits to the public. Some of these techniques may be released later on upon discretion of the staff. DO NOT ask staff members for these techniques because all requests will be ignored/denied.

Rinnengan and its Derivered Techniques
Chimera Technique
Edo Tensei
Fushi Tensei
Sage Mode/Senjutsu
Earth Grudge Fear
Lightning Release Armour (LRA)
Water Cannon Replica
Temporary Paralysis Technique
Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets

Fury / Dohatsuten
Space Time Migration / Jikukan Ido
Water Prison Shark Dance / Suirō Sameodori no Jutsu
Mysterious Peacock Method / Kujaku Myōhō
C0 / Shī Ō
C4 Garuda / Shī Fō Karura
Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood / Jujutsu: Shiji Hyōketsu
Bloodline Selection / Kekkei Tota
Perfect EMS Susanoo
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Restricted Canon Jutsu Thread
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